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How to Get Comfortable in your Third Trimester

Posted by Meg Mueller on

How to get Comfortable in your Third Trimester

The third trimester is a time for celebration and exhalation—you did it, mama!

In just a few short weeks, your bundle of joy will enter the world. It is truly an exciting time during your pregnancy. But it is also an exhausting and uncomfortable time. How do we go about battling these symptoms?

Here some ways to feel more comfortable and more YOU during your last weeks with your bump!

Keep your spirits up by staying cute + comfy!

But now is not the time to be trendy and chic—even if that is your style. Your body is changing rapidly during the third trimester and there will be a lot of discomforts. It’s time to throw in the towel on strappy heels and tight pencil skirts and opt for comfort. At this point in your life, comfort trumps fashion!

Choose loose but supportive clothing for your body. Pants that support your belly and a bra with no underwire will keep you the most comfortable. Sandals and flats will allow room for your swelling feet without constricting them.

Pro Tip: You can still look cute and put together without putting too much effort into it! Opt for basic pants and tanks and layer up with adorable cardigans and sweaters for winter or light blouses and kimonos during the summer!

Pillows are your new best friend.

Nursing pillows, boppy pillows, body pillows, couch pillows, or even that favorite throw pillow on your bed, are now your comfort buddies! While getting comfortable in your third trimester may take some extra effort, it is not as impossible as it sounds with the right pillow by your side.

Pillows provide additional support and can be placed anywhere you are sitting or lying down to help ease your discomfort. For some women, that means putting a pillow behind their back or under their butt at the dinner table. For others, that means a body pillow supporting that baby bump at night. Find the method and pillow that works for you and get some relief! 

Resting during your third trimester is important

Make time to rest.

There is a significant difference between resting and being lazy and pregnant mamas, especially during the third trimester, need to get their rest. Remember during the beginning of your first trimester when you were super tired? I bet it’s settling in again!

Baby is due soon and your body has been hard at work for months! While you are excited and over-the-moon about your bundle, you are probably frequenting the bathroom several times a night meaning your rest is being interrupted. When you have time during the day or on the weekend, spend a little of it resting. Take short naps here and there to conserve your energy for those late-night wakings!

Request a massage—or better yet—treat yourself to one!

Aches and swelling are abundant and annoying during the third trimester. Massaging helps alleviate inflammation and pain, and honestly, who doesn’t love a good rub?

  • Enlist a friend or family member to help massage problem areas on your body.
  • Purchase a massage device that you can use on yourself. (Make sure it's portable so you can easily bring it on-the-go when those aches creep up)
  • Schedule some mommy-to-be time for yourself at a local spa that specializes in prenatal massage.

It’s time for a soak! Baths are great for your physical + mental wellness.

Some people aren’t necessarily “bath people” but hear me out on this one because a good soak can go a long way! The warmth of the water in the bath will help relieve pressure and body aches. The slow movement of the water relaxes your mind and allows you to have a moment’s peace. For added comfort, Epsom salt can be added to the water.

Ending the day with a warm bath can set you up perfectly for a good night’s sleep while starting the day with one can help soothe your mind and put your positive foot forward. Either way, your body, and mind will thank you if you frequent the tub during your third trimester.

When all else fails, grab the heating pad!

There is no ache or discomfort that isn’t solved from a good heating pack applied directly to the area. Keep one handy near your couch or bed so you can easily grab it when the discomfort becomes unbearable. The heating pad will help alleviate your aches and put your mind in a better place.

Pro tip: Does your car have heated seats? Keep your comfort level up during daily commutes to work by using your heated seats as an on-the-go heating pad!

Do light to moderate exercise while pregnant to keep your energy levels up!

Keep your body moving.

It’s not hard to feel sluggish and tired during the final months of your pregnancy. Throughout your daily routine that probably has not slowed down, you have been creating a human. That’s hard stuff! However, keeping a light and consistent exercise routine is important and imperative to a healthy pre and post-pregnancy body. Make sure to talk to your doctor and find out which exercises you can continue doing throughout your pregnancy and keep them up as best as you can.

Not a fan of hard-core exercise? It’s not for everyone! But, moving now will help your body heal quicker after birth. Try doing a local prenatal yoga class or a different prenatal exercise class. Make time to go for daily walks.

Stay fit—you’ll need that strength and energy to deliver a baby! And, a healthy mama is a glowing, happy mama!

Stay hydrated—your baby will thank you!

Have you ever been dehydrated before? Dehydration during pregnancy is no walk in the park and can cause increased aches and unnecessary stress on your growing baby. One of the easiest ways to stay comfortable during your third trimester is to take control of your hydration!

Keep a metal water bottle, like a Yeti, near you always and keep it full! The more water you drink, the fewer aches, cramps, and false contractions you will have. Staying hydrated will keep your energy levels up and keep you full in between meals. (Unfortunately, this may mean more trips to the bathroom, but you pick your poison with this one!)

Eat smaller, more frequent meals.

As if you haven’t suffered enough from indigestion and heartburn the rest of your pregnancy, during the third trimester, it kicks into high gear. Popping Tums like candy is not always the best solution, so we’ll do you one better.

Try eating smaller meals throughout the day that are healthy and balanced with good calories and nutrition. This allows your body to break down the food more easily and keep gas, bloating, and discomfort at bay.

Eating nutritious foods, like bananas, helps keep cravings and cramping at bay during pregnancy.

In fact, bananas may be the ticket for some of your symptoms!

Leg cramps are just the worst, aren’t they? Especially towards the end of your pregnancy when you are trying so many ways to look and feel like yourself, a leg cramp can really buckle you and ruin your mood in an instant.

If you are consistent with your hydration (as aforementioned) and consuming at least one banana a day, you should see these leg cramps all but disappear. Bananas are the key here! Make sure to find room in your daily meals to incorporate one.

Pro tip: Eat a banana for breakfast. Dip a banana in peanut butter for a snack in the afternoon. Freeze some bananas for smoothies and pack a punch by adding in other nutritious foods.

The most important tip to getting comfortable during your third trimester: Self Care

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. In fact, all those aches, discomforts, and pains can be willed away by your mindset. This is one of the reasons why women are so capable to deliver a baby with no medication. Strong, unwavering minds.

Give yourself some credit during this whirlwind time in your life. There are so many emotions flying around during pregnancy. From scared to nervous and excited to restless, there are a lot of emotions bombarding your mind. Make sure you are practicing positive self-care even on your worst days.  

It’s easy to look in a mirror and feel like “a whale” or “a house”. Look past that and flip your mindset to spark positivity. Find comfort in your own skin. Look at yourself in the mirror and think “I’ve created life” or “I get the amazing opportunity to be THIS baby’s mom”.

Keep excitement at the forefront of your mind and ignore the crappy side effects of the beautiful bundle you are creating. And remember, always remember, it will be worth it in the end. Get comfortable, get relaxed, and enjoy these last few weeks before you add a new family member into your life. 

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