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Top Nursery Trends on the rise in 2019

Posted by Meg Mueller on

Every year there are significant changes in home décor and interior design, and nurseries are no exception. In 2019, we see a rise in chic, sophistication, and minimalism topping the charts in nursery trends.

Vintage Florals + Big Blooms

One of the biggest trends over the past year or so has been the use of floral patterns in everything from clothing and handbags to furniture. Feminine and chic nurseries are using both small, dainty floral patterns and big blooms to accent the room. 

Wallpaper, decals, and murals are among the most popular use of these blooms that give our little ones a touch of beauty to their space. Try accenting the focal wall in the room with your favorite floral patterns.

Board + Batten Walls

Move over rustic plank wall—you are so last season! This season farmhouse chic is hitting the spotlight in interior design and among these accents is the board + batten wall. Like the plank wall, but easier to install, the board + batten look brings clean, crisp and classic detailing to nurseries in 2019. 

Woodland Whimsy

This year we are seeing a huge rise in woodland patterns, whimsical prints, and fairytale atmospheres. Décor consisting of fairies, mushrooms and cute woodland creatures are a neutral theme suitable for any baby’s nursery. Some of the most popular woodland creatures include foxes, squirrels, raccoons, and deer. 

With this theme, nurseries are still staying chic and refined by using classic fairytale prints and colors like mossy greens, creams, and taupe.

Boho Meets Farmhouse

Farmhouse is a theme that carried over well from 2018 into this year, however, it comes with a bohemian twist. These two powerhouse trends combine to bring a chic, down-to-earth, country vibe to the nursery setting. The easiest way of incorporating this style is 

  • Layers of whites
  • Textures
  • Natural woods
  • Touches of black or grey

Going Organic

Whichever word you choose to describe this ongoing trend which began in 2018, you can expect to watch it grow and grow. Oversized leafy prints on the walls, small potted plants and wallpapers or decals are sure signs of this organic, green trend. 

Nurseries with a lot of natural lighting and whites benefit from the botanical touch of greenery. Mamas who are down-to-earth and looking for a minimalistic or sustainable approach will fall in love with the botanical touch. 

Oversized Animal Portraits

Are you ready for a cuteness overload? Animals have always been a huge part of nursery themes. From ocean life to woodland forest, bears, and puppies, animals have dominated the scene for newborns. However, 2019 nursery trends take the animal-loving, cuddly, cuteness to a whole new level. 

Oversized animal portraits are great for minimalist nurseries, playrooms and toddler bedrooms. Whether you are welcoming baby number one or re-doing your “big kid” room, oversized animal prints are a perfect choice.

Handcrafted Nurseries

DIY is on the rise along with minimalism and sustainability. This trend is enhanced in nurseries with the use of woven baskets, handcrafted art, or even macramé. There is a huge community shift in buying handmade or small business made and it is making its way into nurseries in cute accents.

Whether you purchase your handmade things from a small shop or decide to go DIY on all the nursery décor, handmade or homemade fills a nursery with love. 

Geometric Chic

Geometric shapes have always played a huge role in nurseries, especially in bold or contrasting colors. These shapes and colors are easy for a baby to pick up on and see. In nurseries today, we are seeing a modern twist on geometry. 

Gone are big bold shapes! Here to stay are stylish patterns and shapes in oversized or minuscule sizes. These patterns create bold and eye-pleasing walls and are the perfect way to accent your nursery for both boys and girls. Geometric patterns help bring a neutral room to life. 

The Minimalist’s Nursery

Minimalism has been all the rage over the past few years and it still plays a huge role in nursery development today. Many parents are choosing to keep their nursery space clean and simple. In 2019, this means black and white or monochromatic tones. This means heavy use of neutral décor. 

Additionally, this means less. You will find minimalist nurseries are less cluttered, have less furniture, and possess more room for fun and play. 

Other Nursery Trends for your Baby in 2019

Technology is a huge component of our lives, and it is finding its way more and more into the nursery.

Every year that goes by more gadgets are released that help parents add technology into their child’s life from day one. While this approach is not for everyone, many new parents find comfort and support in the benefits of technology.  

Sound machines, video monitors, and phone apps are giving parents relief during the hard months. The use of technology is a trend that will only keep growing as we become more involved in our devices. Going hi-tech keeps us connected to our little ones both night and day!

Nursery furniture is getting an overhaul and becoming sleeker, simpler, and more modern. 

Two-tone cribs are all the rage for 2019 nurseries! Well, ok—white will always be classic! You cannot go wrong with a white crib or any white furniture in your baby’s space for that matter. However, two-tone cribs make a statement in the room and allow parents to mix materials and colors.

Some of the most popular combinations for two-tone cribs include

  • White/Black
  • White/Washed Neutral
  • Grey/Washed Neutral
  • White/Grey
  • White/Espresso

Combining neutral tones make the two-tone crib pop and add character to any nursery. 

Rustic accents add warmth and edginess to nurseries.

More often, modern-day nurseries are seeing a bigger shift towards rustic furniture and accents. The use of natural woods and materials gives an earthy, tough approach to nursery design. 

Jewel tones bring modern Bohemian styles to life.

Neutrals will never go out of style in any part of your home. In fact, many families expecting a little one chooses to stick to neutral tones when they do not know the gender of the baby. However, if you want to bring warmth, richness, and a bold palette to your new baby’s room, then try a jewel-tone accent wall. 

Small touches on the furniture, in a rug, or on a throw pillow will bring character and sophistication to the room. Use sapphire, ruby, and emerald tones for a fresh look in your nursery! 

There is still a huge push for sustainability and the use of natural elements in interior design. 

This trend has not escaped the nursery. 2019 has seen a shift toward the overall population being grounded in nature. We are drawn to earthy tones, organic materials, and being a part of nature. More and more nurseries are incorporating organic materials, such as seagrass and hemp, to get closer to nature. Mothers and fathers are pushing to surround their babies in nature from the moment they enter the world. 

Are you going to nail your 2019 Nursery? 

There are a lot of options to consider when it comes to choosing a nursery theme. Many of the trends focus around clean, natural, and sophisticated vibes. However, many of these themes are very different from one another, so mama, you are going to have to pick a trend and go with it! 

Keep in mind, many elements can span across many of these trends, so you can use your imagination and creativity to create the nursery of your dreams! While you are deciding which nursery trend is on par with your interiors, consider adding one of these popular options into your newborn’s space

  • Keeping the color scheme 90% white and 10% color
  • Having a statement wall
  • Creating a sustainable, non-toxic environment
  • Going boldly black with your accents, furniture, or hardware

Beyond the Nursery: 2019 Toddler + Playroom Trends

Many homes consider the future of their babies and begin planning the playroom and toddler spaces (you can thank Pinterest for that). 

Pampered playrooms and “tiny house” toddler rooms are all the rage in 2019!

Pampered Playrooms

Your child needs a space where they can grow and have their imagination and creativity nurtured. Pampered playrooms address this in a chic and sophisticated way. Gone are days where toys are shoved in haphazard bins in the corner of the room. Children now have a designated room or space that is designed with them in mind.

Pampered playrooms are well-maintained and beautifully organized to provide fun and stimulation. However, they are also a space where we can impress other moms with our talents of design and organization (seriously, thanks Pinterest)!

The “Tiny House” Toddler Phenomenon

The great thing about this trend is that it was already building in 2018 and continued to plow its way through 2019. This is a geometric-chic, minimalist way of adding fun and class to your toddler’s space. Many of these tiny house beds can be DIY projects, however, there are many places that sell them as well. 

Paint it any color you want, decorate it with lights and pom-poms, or leave it plain and natural. These tiny tot beds can follow any trend or theme and still be stylish. 

Trends come and go throughout the years, and babies grow up in the blink of an eye. Find the 2019 nursery trend that speaks to you, mama, and design a room filled with love for your little one! 

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