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Fun & unique games to play at your baby shower!

Posted by Meg Mueller on

Baby showers are such a fun way to celebrate a mom-to-be with all her closest friends and family. Here are some shower games you can play that is entertaining and unique for all to enjoy!

1. You Can’t Say That

One of the easiest games to play throughout the shower is “You Can’t Say That”. The object of the game is to pick one baby-related word that everyone cannot say. Anyone caught using the word is out of the game. Keep track of the game easily by using clothespins or a necklace that people can collect throughout the shower. The person with the most necklaces or clothespins at the end of the shower wins a prize. Go ahead and make the game super hard by picking “baby” as your word or make it a little easier for people and pick something like “diaper” or “pacifier”. Either way, this game is always a winner!

2. Name That Tune

Music savvy mamas will love this game! Make a list of songs that contain the word “baby” or “babe” in the title. Play about 30 seconds of each song to your guests. Have the guests write down the title and artist of each song. The person (or people) with the most correct will get a prize!

3. Place the Baby on the Mommy

This is a silly game! You know the favorite ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ that is played at countless children’s parties? Well, it is time to get back at those adults before your little one is born! A big picture of the mama-to-be is hung on the wall. Guests take turns being blindfolded and try to get the baby on the mommy’s belly. The closest guest to the belly or the guests that make it on the belly win the game!

This game is perfect for a backyard BBQ style or a small in-home shower. It breaks up the shower and allows guests to move around and get a few good laughs in!

4. Celebrity Babies

Some mamas love their pop culture and celebrity news! Give your guests a fun, easy table game with Celebrity babies. Print out pictures of celebrity babies and see if people can guess correctly. Bonus points if your guests can guess both the baby’s name AND their parents. Test them on their pop culture knowledge and get a conversation going at the tables at your shower!


5. Guess the Baby Food

Do you have some brave souls on your guest list? This is the game for them! Have seven to ten jars of unmarked baby foods available to taste at your shower with guessing slips next to them. Have anyone willing to try the food and guess which popular baby food it is.

Get creative with this one! There are so many options for baby food on the market. Make sure you have a variety of different fruits and vegetables that are unique. Sweet potatoes and carrots will surely throw people off if you provide both!

6. Baby Bottle Chugging Contest

Get ready for a competition! If you have the time and resources to provide bottles for all your guests, go for it! If not, choose one guest from each table to compete in a baby bottle chugging contest. Fill baby bottles with your choice of drink—whether that be water, juice, tea, or a mimosa—and have your competitors get ready.

Set a timer for one minute and see how much each person can drink. The person who drinks the most during the time wins the game!

7. What’s her age again?

This is a fun (and probably tricky) game to play! Set up a spot in the shower where you showcase old photos of the mom-to-be. Choose about ten photos and label them from 1-10. Have your guests try and guess what age the mom is in each of the photos.

This is an easy and quick game that guests can play at their leisure when they get to the shower or throughout the shower. Before the end of the event, check the submissions. The winner is the guest who gets the most correct!

8. Animal Babies

How well do you know your animals? How well do you know what their babies are called? In this game, test your guest’s knowledge of baby animals by having them list the baby that matches the animal. Make sure your list has about 10-15 animals and have some easy and hard options for them! This is a fun, easy, in-your-seat game to play at a sit-down, formal shower.

9. The Baby Pool

It’s time to guess when the little one will be joining everyone! Find a good spot to display your due date and leave slips of paper for your guests to guess the date and time of your baby’s arrival. You can add other information to the slips of paper as well, such a weight, length, etc. Some couples have even left a spot for baby name suggestions! This is a fun idea for couples to be able to read through at home and enjoy their shower well after it ends.

Ready to make the baby pool even more interesting? Have guests slip $1 into an envelope with their guess. Once the baby is born, check the slips again. The closest guess wins the money from the baby pool!

10. Do you know what it is?

This is another fun guessing game that can be set up at a separate table or done on each individual table at the shower. Grab ten different baby items and place them into ten separate paper bags. Your guests can pick up the bag, shake it, and feel it but they may not look inside.

Have them guess what the item may be and reveal the answers at the end of the shower. The person or table with the most correct guesses wins the game!

11. Nursery Rhyme Challenge | Easy At-Your-Table Challenges

There are several different ways you can challenge your shower guests in this fun challenge. Have them fill in the blank on nursery rhymes, guess the title of the nursery rhyme, unscramble it, or simply list as many as they can come up with.

This is a great option for a table game that your guests can play during a meal or during a low-key gathering.

Some other variations of the nursery rhyme challenge are

  • Baby ABC’s- Provide a sheet with a list of A-Z and have your guests fill in a baby item for each letter. Make it even harder by giving your guests a 3-minute timer.
  • Baby Word Unscramble- Provide a sheet with 10-15 baby words scrambled up that your guests must unscramble.
  • Baby Shower Bingo- Give your guests blank bingo sheets and have them write in items they think the mom-to-be will get at the shower. Cross off as she opens her gifts. First three bingo winners collect a prize!

But, baby showers do not have to be this complicated to shower mamas with love!

Some moms just want to have a low-key gathering with their favorite people to celebrate their new addition without all the bells and whistles. Sometimes, games can be a little overwhelming for large gatherings. We don’t want your guests to miss out on having a little bit of fun, and who doesn’t want to win a prize?

While most of these options are easy to achieve, here are some tips for making your shower a fun experience for your guests without over-the-top games:

  • Do a diaper raffle—it is a win-win situation! You get loads of diapers for your baby’s bum and everyone who brings diapers is offered an opportunity to win a prize.
  • Share baby photos—have your guests bring their baby photos and put them in one spot. See if guests can guess who they belong too. It’s super fun, sparks conversation, and doesn’t pressure people into playing games.
  • Do a book raffle—have your guests build your little’s library by opting out of a card and putting a book in its place. Again, offer raffle tickets and pull some for prizes.

However you decide to celebrate your expected bundle of joy, make sure its fun, easy, and brings your friends and family together. We hope these ideas spark some unique and entertaining games at your shower!

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