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Diaper Bag Essentials for Expecting Mamas

Posted by Meg Mueller on

Being a new mom is challenging. Getting out of the house with all the essentials doesn’t have to be!

New babies can equal a lot of unfamiliar territory from keeping track of bottle feedings and learning how to swaddle to being prepared for essentially everything when you are on the go. Leaving home with a baby is stressful enough and sometimes it may seem like you need to pack everything but the crib, however, we are here to help you plan in an organized and efficient manner so you leave the house with only the items you need.

Check out what items your diaper bag should be prepared with at a moment’s notice! These are the essentials for your diaper bag.

It’s Changing Time: All the Diapering Essentials


This is the most essential item you could have for being on the go with baby. It’s obvious, but how many diapers should you bring with you? Only you know your baby in its short time here on Earth, but our rule of thumb is to have enough that covers either 1-2 days or 1 per hour you are out +2 for extras. Long days out and on the road can sometimes end in diaper blowouts that are unexpected. The more diapers you have prepped and ready to go, the less chance you will have of running out.


There are so many products on the market that allow you to pack a handful of wipes in cute wipes bags, but before you go coordinating your entire diaper bag, consider the numerous uses wipes have. From wiping butts to wiping toys, baby’s hands, and countertops, wipes can become an essential tool far beyond diaper changes.

Always keep your diaper bag stocked with one full package of wipes. For an additional safety net, consider keeping an additional package in your car for that unexpected moment you run out of wipes.

Diaper Changing Pad

One of the greatest conveniences for moms is a portable diaper changing pad! Sure, public places usually have a public changing table, but you still want to protect your little one from unwanted germs and an extra layer of protection (and comfort) never hurt anyone! Find the slim fold one that is easy to grab and go on a moment’s notice without dragging your entire diaper bag to the bathroom.

Most come with spots where you can slip in a handful of wipes and diapers that make it quick and easy to change baby anywhere you go!

Diaper Disposal Bags

Ok, wet diapers are fine to toss into a garbage bag, but no one wants to smell your baby’s poop—trust us! Diaper disposal bags are easy to pack, easy to use and save others from that terrible odor. Be a kind mom and wrap your diapers up before tossing them in a trashcan!

Additionally, if the baby has a blowout and their outfit becomes compromised, these little bags double as a spot to toss your soiled clothing before you can get back home to wash them. There is nothing worse than having a poop stained outfit and having to toss it because you have nowhere to put it in your diaper bag!

Extra Clothing

Speaking of diaper changes that may not go so well, extra clothing is essential for moms on the go. Having an extra outfit or two in your bag will have you prepared for spills, spit-up, and accidents galore! Pack easy to swap outfits that you can easily replace as baby gets older—we suggest a bodysuit or pajama set.

Time to Eat: Essentials for Baby’s On-the-Go Nutrition

Formula Supplies

If you are formula feeding your baby snag a pre-fill formula dispenser and pre-measure formula for 1-3 bottles while you are out. Make sure you have bottles filled with enough water as well or a separate gallon of water in your car to fill bottles as you need. For longer trips, fill up two formula dispensers if baby is eating more frequently or larger bottles. These dispensers and pre-filled bottles with water make eating easy on the go for both you and baby!


Breastfeeding usually requires very little in the way of supplies in your diaper bag other than breast pads. However, you may want to pack snacks for yourself to keep the milk flowing and baby happy while you are out and about.

You may want to consider bringing your pump with for long trips if you find you need to pump in between baby’s feedings so that you can alleviate your body and have a supply for baby!


After six months of age, make sure you are toting around your baby’s favorite sippy cup. Keep it in one of the easy-to-grab outside pockets of your diaper bag for quick access when baby is fussy and needs a quick drink.


This will vary based on the age of your infant and whether you make your own baby food or not. Pack portable spoons and bowls that make it easy to feed the baby whenever and wherever you are. Some baby foods even come in easy to squeeze pouches that make it easy for you or your baby to handle.

Also, grab a reusable zipper pouch to stick all your feeding essentials into. This keeps your food separate from the rest of your essentials and makes it easy to find and grab.


Kids of all ages are always hungry. They can easily eat an entire meal in between their meals! Have an arsenal of snacks ready at a moment’s notice in your diaper bag. Cheerios, puffs, and other easy to handle items are great to have in a snack catcher or Ziploc baggie for your little one to munch on.

Miscellaneous Essentials for Baby

We covered all the basics of diaper changes and feeding, but the baby may need a few other items to feel comfortable when they are not in their home environment. They also may need a few of these items to help you keep your sanity while you are out.

Whether you are running errands, going to dinner, or on your way out of town, a fussy baby can cause a damper on the entire situation. Try packing these extra essentials in your diaper bag for the comfort of you, baby, and all other parties involved!

  • A favorite toy or two
  • Teether
  • Pacifiers (you will want at least one extra in case baby throws theirs on the ground or loses it)
  • Pacifier wipes
  • Swaddle or muslin blanket
  • Burp cloth/bibs
  • Travel size bug spray and sunscreen
  • Infant Tylenol

Miscellaneous Essentials for Mama

At this stage in your life, it is for the best that you ditch carrying an additional purse for fear of looking like a pack mule. Plus, your diaper bag likely has plenty of room for you to fit all your essentials into it, too!

When leaving the house with baby do not forget to pack your keys, wallet, and cellphone. Make sure to put them into the front pouch for easy access at a moment’s notice! In addition to the big three items, consider all the other personal items you may need on the go.

Some of the most common items you may not want to leave home without include

  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lotion
  • Lip balm
  • Nail file
  • Extra hair tie

Did we overwhelm you yet? Packing a diaper bag may seem like a lot at first, but once you are used to prepping to leave the house, it will become second nature and you will feel confident that you have all the necessities that baby will need. Keep your packed diaper bag ready and updated regularly so that you are prepared for every situation while you are out of your home.

Keep your diaper bag at the ready and be amazed at how easy it is to leave your home with baby in tow!

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