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Stay Connected with These Trending Pregnancy Apps

Posted by Meg Mueller on

Dominating our modern-day world is the use of technology, so during this new and wonderful time in your life, let’s use those devices for a peek into pregnancy!

Pregnancy apps can assist anyone from the trying-to-get-pregnant stage all the way through new motherhood. This exciting, new time in your life is full of questions and waves of stress, both good and bad. But what if you could have the answers at the drop of a hat, or at the very least the touch of an app on your phone?

We’ve gathered some of the most popular and trending pregnancy apps of 2019 to guide you through every new stage of motherhood and its joys!

1.    Ovia

Ovia is an app used for tracking fertility and Ovulation. Getting pregnant is not always a walk in the park for some people but knowing your cycle can make the trying period a bit easier. With the Ovia Fertility app, users can track their menstrual cycle and other important fertility information, such as morning body temperatures and cervical fluid. These tidbits of info will allow Ovia to help you figure out your ovulation time. Even if you have irregular menstrual cycles, the technology behind Ovia allows it to make predictions and assist you in your ovulation cycle.

The app lets you know which days you are most fertile and when to take a pregnancy test.

You can get Ovia free on both Android and iOS devices and the app is rated a 4.8/5.

2.    BabyCenter

Boy, do we have the motherload of all apps for you! This all-in-one pregnancy app assists users with everything from tracking your ovulation cycle to counting contractions and everything in between. BabyCenter delivers weekly updates full of articles, slideshows, and videos on topics related to your stage of pregnancy and your baby’s development.

Information on high-risk pregnancies and special situations can also be found on BabyCenter, so you mamas will be 100% prepared. At the very least, it will trigger some conversations to bring up at your next doctor’s appointment. Users can also take pictures of their growing bump to add to a pregnancy journal. After the baby is born, BabyCenter will automatically switch over to give you parenting tips and tricks for baby’s first year which, let’s face it, is always a blessing when you are in new territory!

You can get BabyCenter free on both Android and iOS devices and the app is rated a 4.8/5.

3.    WebMD Pregnancy App

You never know what to expect when going into pregnancy, and so many changes happen in a women’s body that is hard to be prepared. Thankfully, apps like WebMD Pregnancy offer information on what is happening at different stages of your pregnancy while also showing the growth of your baby. The app sends you doctor-approved tips and health information. You can also track your weight and blood pressure as well as baby’s kicks. Within the WebMD Pregnancy App, users can keep a list of questions, symptoms and more to be prepared for the next appointment with the OB! 

During your third trimester, WebMD Pregnancy offers a comprehensive checklist for your hospital bad and a contraction counter that can come in handy when determining when it is time to get to your birthing area!

You can get WebMD Pregnancy App free on iOS devices and the app is rated a 4.5/5.

4.    Babylist Baby Registry App

 If you are a mom-to-be, you are no longer restricted to selecting a store or two for your registry. In fact, with apps like Babylist Baby Registry, you can add any cool gadget or cute outfit right to your app no matter what store it comes from. The Babylist Baby Registry is a one-stop-shop for all the things.

Whether you need to deck out the nursery, prepare for feeding baby, or get support after birth (such as meal delivery or house cleaning), Babylist can add it right to one location. You can even have your family and friends contribute to a college fund right through the Babylist app.

You can get Babylist Baby Registry App free on iOS and Android devices and the app is rated 4.7/5.

5.    Headspace

While Headspace is not directly related to your pregnancy, it is an app worth considering helping you meditate and keep calm throughout your pregnancy. Worrying about your baby, pregnancy, and what’s to come can produce a lot of stress and anxiety, which is good for neither you nor baby. Headspace helps you get back to a solid mental state with meditation for all times of the day.

For a fee of $12.99 a month, you get access to a library with hundreds of guided meditations, including ones designed specifically for pregnancy. The pregnancy series uses mindfulness and visualization techniques to help relax and refocus moms-to-be so they can enjoy their pregnancy journey.

You can get Headspace for free to download on iOS and Android devices and the app is rated 4.9/5. **For extras and the complete Headspace library it costs $12.99/month.

6.    Full Term App

Are you going into labor? Or is it just Braxton Hicks contractions? Take out the guessing with Full Term App, the app that allows you to track your contractions and see if there is a pattern that indicates the baby is on his or her way! Full Term App is super easy to use. Simply hit one button to start and stop the contraction timer. Afterward, you can check the app’s reporting to see how long your contractions are on average and how close together they are.

The app even allows you to add notes to the contractions about the intensity and record when/if you water breaks and the color of the fluid so you can tell your doctor or midwife. This is a great app to download when you are getting to the end of your third trimester and delivery is on the horizon!

You can get Full Term App for free on both iOS and Android devices and the app is rated 4.8/5.

7.    The Bump

The Bump is very similar to BabyCenter in that it is a comprehensive app that covers everything parents-to-be need to or want to know. It includes a planner that allows mom to plan for doctor visits and baby-related tasks. The app features daily pregnancy and baby editorial articles, real-time answers to any pregnancy questions you may have, a registry, photo album, and more. Plus, the interface is beautiful and easy to navigate.

You can get The Bump app for free on iOS and Android and the app is rated 4.8/5.

8.    Baby2Body

Baby2Body is here to help you stay fit and healthy during and after your pregnancy. Baby2Body acts as a fitness and well-being coach that encourages you to stay fit, eat well and live more mindfully during this period of your life. You can browse dozens of different workouts that are tailored towards the different stages of your pregnancy. Nutrition guidance and recipes are available in the app to help you choose your diet during pregnancy carefully. Also, there are tons of podcasts, coaching, breathing exercises, and more to help make you strong and healthy during your entire pre- and post-natal stages.

You can get Baby2Body on iOS devices for free with in-app purchase and the app is rated 4.7/5.

There are so many choices---but do not feel like you need them all!

Think about the things that are truly important to you during your pregnancy. Technology is a wonderful tool and having so many apps to choose from is great, but overwhelming. Select 1-3 apps that truly speak to your needs and use them as you see fit during your pregnancy.

With our mobile devices constantly around us, it has never been easier to stay connected to a community that understands our needs and can help us solve a problem or answer a question at the drop of a hat. We hope these apps will fill your pregnancy with knowledge and assistance the entire three trimesters!

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