The Babymoon: What is it and Where Should you Go?

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Before the “I Dos” even happen, most couples have their honeymoon mapped out. They have all the travel, hotel, and excursion accommodations in place. They’ve picked the place where they want to get away for a short weekend, week, or even longer to celebrate becoming husband and wife. It’s that bonding time needed away from the chaos of the wedding planning and life to just enjoy one another and the life you are about to create.

So why not do that twice? Why not celebrate your togetherness and the next step of your journey the same way you celebrated your marriage?

The Babymoon

This is where the babymoon comes in. A babymoon is simply a relaxing getaway for expectant mothers so that they can recharge and come into their new parenting role with a clear and revitalized mind. Babymoons are typically taken with their spouse prior to the new arrival of their bundle of joy, however, mama-to-be may also choose to take this opportunity to go away with a close friend, partner, or loved one.

Sometimes the babymoon is viewed as “the final vacation” and while that’s probably not true, it will most likely be the last opportunity you and your spouse get to say, “two tickets please”. This allows you both ample time to go vacationing before settling into the transition of motherhood and fatherhood.

Keep these tips in mind when planning your babymoon

A babymoon is all fun and games but planning it for the right time is the key to a successful getaway.

  • Babymoons are often taken in the 2nd trimester after the 12-week scan to ensure it is safe for you and baby to travel.
  • If you plan on traveling abroad and for an extended period, always consult with your practitioner prior to travel.
  • Any vacation plans considered should keep your individual medical and personal needs in mind. It is important to stay healthy and strong during your pregnancy, so anything that puts that in jeopardy is a no go.

Still not convinced? Here are some solid reasons why we think you need to take that babymoon!

Maybe you had a rough 1st trimester, so the thought of being too far from home worries you. Perhaps you are overwhelmed with planning for your new little one to arrive. Whatever the reason, we can assure you that even a local getaway can do you good—mind, body, and soul.

We’ve compiled the top 5 reasons we believe YOU should go on that babymoon!

1.     Because you can go on one

Alright, hear us out on this one. You have no children yet, so you are free to do whatever you and go wherever you please. This freedom is about to be traded in for baby gates, sleepless nights, and take-out dinners. Your life is about to radically change. You won’t be able to travel on a whim.

2.     Rest + Recharge

It’s true, babies do not sleep the way we are used to sleeping our average of 8 hours a night. During your babymoon, you can take time to get ample rest and relaxation so you can come home feeling your best and ready to take on your new role as mom. Plus, many people get their best sleep when they are on vacation! Take time to sleep in late, take afternoon catnaps, and lounge around—you deserve it!

This time also allows you to recharge your batteries. Recharge your sleep, your adventure, and your romance all in one little babymoon and return to your home feeling ready to take on the third trimester and your new bundle of joy.

3.     Quality time with your significant other

Children will come into your life and change your family dynamic. This is great because it gives you a purpose as mom and dad to take care of another human being. The baby instantly becomes the center of your world. However, this can cause a strain on your relationship that is now forced to take a back seat.

Investing time during a babymoon to acknowledge the importance of your spouse and the relationship you have together. This time can help you reconnect and walk into your new roles as a team.

4.     Time to reflect, dream, and plan

This is a good time away from everyone to take time with your spouse to plan for the arrival of your little one. You can take time to reflect on the parenting styles you’ve encountered over the years and figure out who you want to be as a mother. This allows you to become intentional with how you will parent.

You can take time to plan for how you want to decorate your nursery, throw around potential baby names, and decide of things like co-sleeping are for you or not. You can dream about all the milestones you’ll hit together as you embark on this new journey as a family of 3.

5.     Go on an adventure

Adventuring is going to be hard with a little one in tow, so now is the time to go to that place you’ve always wanted to go. Explore new sights, sounds, tastes, and cultures. Fun, spontaneous adventures will end up becoming less opportune as you settle into your new routine of parenting (though that itself is also a wonderful adventure).

So, where should you head off to on your babymoon?

There are so many places to travel both domestically and internationally. It really does become as exciting planning your babymoon as it was planning your honeymoon. Many couples want to spend this precious time relaxing before all the sleepless nights settle in, so beaches, spas, and luxury hotels are great destinations for your adventure.

Here are a few expert tips when deciding what kind of babymoon is truly right for you!

  • Are you a nature lover? Do you love being immersed by the sights and sounds that the natural world has to offer you? A countryside resort or beach seaside hotels offer ample walking trails with nature right out your front door.
  • Want to explore a new city? Take a quick drive or flight to a domestic city and experience the culture and history that makes it unique.
  • Feeling adventurous? There are so many exotic destinations that offer a combination of delicious food, panoramic scenery, and warm weather. Try hot spots like Sri Lanka, Maldives, or Bali for a trip of a lifetime.

Some of the best babymoon destinations

We’ve done our research and compiled a list of some of the most visited United States locations for your babymoon! Popular options for the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation include

  • Hawaii
  • Scottsdale or Sedona, Arizona
  • Canoe Bay in Chetek, WI
  • Key West, Florida
  • Santa Fe, California

Ready to go abroad? There are so many options for you to take advantage of this quiet before the chaos. Some of the most inspiring and popular options include

  • Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • The British Virgin Islands
  • Nassau, Bahamas
  • Tour of Italy
  • Tour of Europe

Staycation Babymoon

Maybe, you’re worried about traveling while you are pregnant? We get it. Whether you have medical issues or just feel safer near home, you can still take advantage of a Babymoon by having a local staycation.

Plan plenty of local nights or days out with your significant other. Take advantage of local attractions in the countryside and cities while you two have time on your plate. You can even plan a mini weekend getaway that is less than a few hours from your home so you can get all the rest you need and enjoy your time with your partner.

Some great options, while you are indulging in your staycation, can include

  • Going to a theatre production
  • Seeing a movie
  • Fine dining at local favorites
  • Visiting exhibits or museums
  • Prenatal massage and pampering session

Take the time for you before you miss out!

Planning time away from the baby can be challenging, especially in the first few months. And new moms rarely want to leave their little ones for more time than is necessary. Planning a babymoon allows you the satisfaction of “me time” and gets you rejuvenated and ready to take on your new role as mother.

Are you planning on taking advantage of a babymoon? We would love to hear about your travel plans!

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