What to Accomplish While Baby Sleeps: Making the Best of Your Quiet Time

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You’ve probably heard the saying “Sleep when the baby sleeps”, right? But, once your baby is on a good sleep schedule throughout the night and you are getting enough rest yourself, there are plenty of tasks you can accomplish during the day to make the most of the baby’s sleep time.

Napping varies depending on the age and disposition of each child, but you’ll most likely have anywhere between 2-4 hours of time to yourself throughout your day at home. Naptime is a sacred time for mothers. This is a time where you can relax and unwind, but also get a few tasks accomplished so that once your baby wakes up happy and ready to go, you are ready to give them all the attention they need.

Not sure where to begin? We’ve pulled some ideas together so you can make the best of your quiet time at home! Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, there are always going to be days where you are home while the baby is napping. There will always be a precious few hours where you can try to reign in the chaos. Not sure where to begin? We’ve pulled some ideas together so you can make the best of your quiet time at home!

Those piles you’ve been ignoring—take care of them!

Whether its laundry or dishes, piles can certainly start to accumulate while you are trying to balance your new role as mom. You could put your baby in a bouncy chair or swing to get them done during the time he or she is awake but tackling these while your baby is fast asleep makes great use of your time.

Plus, if you have a television show you want to catch up on, folding laundry while relaxing could really make the best of your alone time. If you prefer music or podcasts instead, throw on your favorite station and get to work!

Time to plan---shopping lists, budget, etc.

The quiet few hours that your little one is sleeping may be the perfect time to get things in order financially. Instead of putting these items off until the evening when you could be spending time with your partner, take a few minutes here and there during the week and plan out while your baby sleeps.

Some planning items you could work on include

  • Paying bills
  • Budget planning
  • Grocery planning
  • Monthly task planning
  • Setting up a system for bills
  • Couponing

Meal Prepping

Make your life a little easier in the evenings and meal prep during the day. Whether that is gathering ingredient lists, looking for potential meal ideas, or batch cooking, meal prepping makes the rest of the week go by so much smoother.

Use Pinterest and family or friends for inspiration and dig out that crockpot—it is going to make meal prepping a breeze! Cutting up ingredients and getting your meals ready is one way to use up your nap time nicely and feel less stressed come dinner time when your little one may be less than cooperative.

Learn a new skill! Take a new class!

Naptime is the perfect time to catch up on all those fun things you’ve wanted to do for yourself. Becoming a mom can be draining both physically and mentally, but it’s important to still take time for you and to do the things you’ve always loved or wanted to do.

While your little one naps, take time to brush up on a skill or learn something new. Painting, reading a book, or even taking on a new hobby can be loads of fun and give your mind something both new and relaxing to do.

Also, you could take an online class during your naptimes. Maybe there are professional or personal development courses you have been meaning to investigate. Use those few hours daily to do this and get ahead while you have the time.

Plan a day date with a friend!

Naptime can be the perfect time to invite over one of your friends you’ve been missing. Motherhood shifts our priorities and sometimes our friends get lost in the chaos of developing this new role. Take to Facebook or other social media or send a quick text to one of your friends and plan a little coffee date.

Those two hours of adult time may be just what you need to feel you again. There is a whole world outside the walls of your home where it is incessant diaper changes and bottle feeding, but you can’t be a mom and still be part of that world!

Set up an exercise routine

Exercise is crucial for keeping up your energy and feeling positive. Doing a short 10- to 30-minute workout daily during naptime can have a tremendous effect on your daily outlook and help you stay active and alert throughout the day.

An exercise routine will also help you get back in shape and feel like yourself again. Whether you enjoy cardio, yoga, or kickboxing, any form of movement that gets you going is going to be beneficial for your overall health and wellness.

Bathroom Essentials in Peace

You never realize how much peeing in peace can mean to you until little hands and feet need to be in there with you every single time. Kids have no sense of privacy and you are mom, so they are going to want to be with you on the toilet or in the shower 24/7. I know, it’s frustrating, but these years will pass.

While you have nappers at home still, take advantage of that alone time and do your business. Go to the bathroom, take a shower, or better yet, take a nice relaxing bath. It’s your time with no peeping eyes under the door. Relax, unwind, and do your bathroom thing in peace!

Treasure the moment with snapshots

Having pictures of your sleeping baby are some of the sweetest memories. However, taking pictures of them sleeping at night is challenging and you risk waking them up with the flash. Besides, those pictures typically come out all wrong.

Use the daylight to take all the pictures you want of your little one sleeping. It’s a moment that takes less than five minutes of your time and gives you memories that last a lifetime. Sleeping babies are just the cutest, aren’t they?

Spend time with older children

If the new baby in your home is not the first, then naptime is an excellent time to show big sister or brother some extra attention. Bringing home a new baby can cause jealousy to come out from the older ones, and it is a natural reaction. The best thing to do is to find ways to show them the attention they need so they do not feel replaced.

Take time during naps to read, play a game, or do an activity that your older child loves. Show them they are irreplaceable and that your love is big enough for more than one kid. You can even leave the napping kid home with dad and take your other child out for a special day date. Make them feel as loved as they ever have.

Escape the house for a moment

Naptime is a great time to leave the other parent or grandparent home with your little one and get out of the house. As new mothers, sometimes we tend to coup ourselves up with our new baby and stay near home more often than we used to.

It’s important to maintain a sense of normalcy and take time to unwind outside of the home. Use nap time to get some errands accomplished, go to Target and browse every aisle, or even go get a relaxing manicure/pedicure. You could go to the gym, meet a friend for lunch, or even just go for a nice long walk. The possibilities are endless when you have about 2 full hours to yourself!

Have a quiet lunch

Remember the going to the bathroom alone thing? Eating alone is almost just as good! Make your favorite meal for lunch and indulge in the quiet relaxation of eating your meal in complete silence. Or, make your favorite meal and grab a book or put on your most recent binge-worthy show.

Trying to eat bites in between your baby’s feeding schedule can be a pain. More likely than not, you’ll forget you even made yourself food. Having your full attention on your meal can be immensely rewarding!

Work from home

There are so many possibilities for moms out there to work from home and earn a little extra income for the family! While it may take time for you to build up that job or career, it makes you feel as though you are contributing and doing something for yourself.

You can create a routine around your baby’s daily schedule and take on the amount of work that feels right to you at the time. Some options for working from home include

  • Blogging
  • Running an Etsy shop
  • Consultancy
  • Virtual Assistant
  • MLM-based job

So, how will you spend your time?

There are endless ways to make the best of those precious few hours of quiet in the home. If it helps, create a weekly schedule for your naptimes and take advantage of multiple opportunities for you to get some alone time. The more you make of this time now, the easier it will be to transition out of naptimes when your little one decides they no longer want to sleep during the day.

Soak up all the time with your little one throughout the day and decompress during their naps—you’ll be happier for it. We would love to hear how you spend naptime at home!

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