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Trending Now: 2019 Top Baby Names and Predictions for 2020

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Choosing a name for baby can be one of the most difficult and exciting parts of becoming a new mom! There are thousands of names in the world to choose from and multiple variations of spelling and enunciation for many of them. Choosing a name is a commitment; it is giving your child a piece of who they before they even develop their own characteristics.

But, like many other trends in the world, there are trending baby names that seem to be more common than others. These names naturally become the most used names for the year. Sometimes, people love to use these popular names, while others try to avoid them for the sake of having a more unique name for their little lad or lass.

Are you curious to know what 2019 had in store for popular baby names? Here are the top 10 boy and top 10 girl baby names for the year based on Baby Center’s annual report.

Baby Girl

Sophia has remained in the top 10 for the past decade and remains in the top spot for 2019. Here are the entire top 10 baby girl names of 2019 and their place of origin and meaning.

  1. Sophia | origin: Greek | meaning: wisdom
  2. Olivia | origin: English | meaning: ancestor’s descendants
  3. Emma | origin: Latin | meaning: universal
  4. Ava | origin: Latin | meaning: like a bird
  5. Aria | origin: Italian | meaning: solo melody
  6. Isabella | origin: Italian | meaning: God is my oath
  7. Amelia | origin: Latin | meaning: work
  8. Mia | origin: Scandinavian | meaning: of the sea or bitter
  9. Riley | origin: Irish | meaning: descendant of Roghallach
  10. Aaliyah | origin: Arabic | meaning: high, sublime

Baby Boy

For the first time in years, Jackson has fallen from the number one spot and Liam has taken over. Here are the top 10 baby boy names of 2019 and their place of origin and meaning.

  1. Liam | origin: Irish | meaning: with gilded helmet
  2. Jackson | origin: English | meaning: son of Jack/John
  3. Noah | origin: Hebrew | meaning: rest, peace
  4. Aiden | origin: Irish | meaning: little fire
  5. Grayson | origin: English | meaning: son of the grey-haired one
  6. Caden | origin: American | meaning: fighter
  7. Lucas | origin: Greek | meaning: from Lucania
  8. Elijah | origin: Hebrew | meaning: The Lord is my God
  9. Oliver | origin: English | meaning: descendant of the ancestor
  10. Muhammad | origin: Arabic | meaning: praised

How do we get trending + popular baby names?

So, where do all these trending names come from? Many popular magazines, blogs, and websites watch what is going on in the world to help predict and account for the rise in popularity of specific names. This year saw a rise in many pop culture phenomena that led to the comeback of different names.

2019 lent its baby name rising to these hot topics

  • Keanu Reeves
  • Star Wars
  • Bachelor nation
  • Nicknames
  • 90’s throwback

Okay so some of these trends are a little off the wall (Keanu Reeves? Are we sure those names aren’t just coincidence?), while others we can get behind. Star Wars has seen a huge uptake in names for more recent series, especially with the release of Disney+ and The Mandalorian. Bachelor nation followers are happy to see many couples experiencing parenthood for the first time this year, and so the rise in these names was inevitable.

By analyzing the trending baby names through the lens of pop culture, we can find what is truly inspiring parents as they welcome their little ones into the world.


The royal couple welcomed Archie this year. Not Archibald. There was a general rise in using nicknames as the name and ditching the full-blown name. Some of the nicknames that saw a rise in popularity included

  • Cassie
  • Izzy
  • Nell
  • Tori
  • Leo
  • Ricky
  • Randy


The ’90s Called…

Babies born in the ’90s are starting to have babies of their own and the nostalgia is heavy. Many names that were popular during the ’90s rose in popularity throughout 2019. Some of the most popular ones include

  • Brittany
  • Amber
  • Amanda
  • Lauren
  • Jessica
  • Stephanie
  • Rachel
  • Jonathan
  • Christopher
  • Nicholas
  • Austin

Trending forward: 2020 and the Future of Baby Name Popularity

Going into the new year and new decade, there are many predictions floating about where baby name inspiration will be coming from. Many trends are on the rise and with the coming of an entirely new decade, we are sure to see some phenomenal trends begin and old trends re-emerge when it comes to naming little ones.

Here are a few of the predicted trends that we are expecting to see over the next few years.

The Roaring 20’s (Again)

2020 brings with it the nostalgia of the Roaring ’20s, a period of prohibition, flappers and a whole lot of fun. We are hoping to see the reemergence of some popular names from the 1920s, including these names: Barbara, Frank, Virginia, Tony, Ruth, and Richard.


One of the biggest releases at the end of 2019 was Disney+ which enables the streaming of Disney classics and newbies everywhere. Homes will enjoy their favorite Disney princess flicks, new Disney+ original series, and a slew of Marvel-related films and series. With the re-release and coming of new favorites, mamas are sure to turn their heads toward popular Princess names such as Aurora, Belle, and Tiana or even favorite Marvel characters such as Pepper, Bruce, Natasha, Scarlet, Parker, and Margaret.

Country Stars

Country music is turning heads these days, especially with their cross-genre music. Due to this rise in popularity, we are sure to see a rise in country-inspired names. Some of the ones that come to mind include

  • Maren
  • Kacey
  • Garth
  • Carrie
  • Kane
  • Shania
  • Kelsea

Nonbinary Names

With the increasing inclusion and gender fluidity going on nationally, it is going to be no surprise that neutral, nonbinary names will increase in popularity in 2020. Many mamas will sway towards neutral names that are equally strong and soft. We expect names such as these to be on the rise

  • Ari
  • River
  • Cameron
  • Sam
  • Tatum
  • Corey
  • Frankie
  • Emery

Nameberry’s Predicted 2020 Favorites

Every year, Nameberry predicts names that they believe will rise in popularity in the next year. For 2020, these are names they predict will rise in popularity or find their way onto the top 100 baby names list. While we may not see these names as the top ten, they are predicted to be the top 10 names for both boys and girls that are trending and on the rise.

Baby Girl

Here are the top 10 predicted names (according to Nameberry) and their origin and meaning.

  1. Adah | origin: Hebrew | meaning: adornment
  2. Reese | origin: Welsh | meaning: running
  3. Mika | origin: Native American | meaning: beautiful smell
  4. Paisley | origin: Scottish | meaning: church
  5. Amina | origin: Arabic | meaning: trustworthy, honest
  6. Teagan | origin: Irish | meaning: little poet
  7. Nova | origin: Latin | meaning: new
  8. Pearl | origin: English | meaning: smooth, round bead formed by a Mollusk
  9. Aura | origin: Greek | meaning: soft breeze
  10. Billie | origin: German | meaning: diminutive form of Wilhelmina

Baby Boy

Here are the top 10 predicted names (according to Nameberry) and their origin and meaning.

  1. Austin | origin: English | meaning: great
  2. Alva | origin: Latin | meaning: fair complexed
  3. Acacius | origin: Greek | meaning: thorny; or innocent, not evil
  4. Tate | origin: English | meaning: cheerful
  5. Diego | origin: Spanish | meaning: supplanter
  6. Easton | origin: English | meaning: east-facing place
  7. Lucius | origin: Latin | meaning: light
  8. Cash | origin: Latin | meaning: hollow
  9. Ash | origin: English | meaning: ash tree
  10. Luca | origin: Italian | meaning: a man from Lucania

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Baby Name

So how do you choose the perfect name? Naming something is hard. You are giving your child purpose and personality with one simple word. You are providing them with some unique and precious that you and your partner have decided is just theirs. It’s a special moment.

We’ve decided to help you with the process! Here are a few tips on choosing your perfect baby name. If you are feeling stuck or lost as you make your potential names list, come back to these tips and use them to guide you and narrow your list.

Say it out loud. Does it sound good? Does it roll off the tongue well on its own and with a middle and last name? Does it have cadence?

Short and sweet. Go easy on the syllables in your baby’s name and keep it short and sweet. Make sure it easy for you and others to say, especially if you have a long last name. Make it easy for them so they can learn their names easier too.

Simple is best. We all love a unique name with unique spelling until no one can spell your child’s name ever. Whoops! Keep it simple—spell their name as easy as possible and save them a lifetime of spelling corrections.

Nicknames? Some people love them. Some people hate them. Either way, you should be aware of the nicknames to your chosen name. Make sure to avoid any that could cause problems down the road. (No one wants to be called Hannah Banana)

Look at the initials. If you want your child to be known as AJ or CJ, consider those initials and choose a name that rolls off well when spelled out. Also, make sure the initials do not come across as something bad, such as STD or ASS. No kid wants that embarrassment on them!

There is a lot to think about when choosing a name, but don’t let it overwhelm you.

This is your baby and your time. Maybe you have a list of potential baby names that you have been holding onto for years. It may be as simple as, “If we have a boy, we are going to name him Andy.” and you’ve known this since before you were pregnant. For other parents, choosing a name isn’t as easy. Take time during this beautiful moment in time to explore your options and find the name that suits you, your partner, and your little one the best.

Go with your gut and give your child the name you love and adore. What are some of your favorite baby names? We would love for you to share what you named your bundle or a name you heard somewhere that you loved!  

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