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30 Halloween Costumes That Show Off Your Baby Bump

Posted by Alexandra Porto on

They say, “if you’ve got it, flaunt it,” and your baby bump is no exception to this rule. Rather than skipping out on dressing up or looking for ways to hide your bump, this is the time to show it off. We think it’s one of the best Halloween accessories there is. From painted bellies to DIY costumes or ones you can buy online, here are some of the most creative Halloween costumes for pregnant Mamas like you:


Photo Credit: Reghardt Alexander

1.      Olaf from Frozen

What better way to show off your bump than in a costume of everyone’s favorite snowman?! Grab an Olaf bodysuit, and you’re sure to be super comfy while looking cute all night long. Your partner can dress up as loyal reindeer, Sven. Already have little ones? Dress them as Elsa, Anna, or Bruni from Frozen II and get the whole family in on the fun.

2.      Bun in the Oven

If Halloween costume puns are your thing, then this bun in the oven idea is perfect! There are a lot of options available in-store so you can show off what is cooking. Make it a couples costume by dressing your other half as the chef, and take it up a notch by baking cookies printed with frosting paper of your baby’s actual sonogram.

Gumball Machine

Photo Credit: Prenate

3.      Gumball Machine

We’re digging the retro vibes of old-school gumball machine costumes, excellent for dressing up your baby bump this Halloween. Have time for a DIY? Grab your hot glue gun and multi-colored pom-poms. Glue them to a white shirt over your belly. Slip on a red skirt or pants and use gray felt for the coin turn and slot. Top the look off with a red wig or red beret, and you’re all set.

4.      Snow White and an Apple

There’s no more classic Disney princess than Snow White. This is a great last-minute option that doesn’t require too much work. Simply pick out your favorite Snow White costume, then hot glue a large apple cut-out, prop, or balloon on top of your baby bump. Add a black bob wing and a red bow to complete the look.

5.      Cookie Monster

Dress up as one of Sesame Street’s most beloved characters in a fuzzy blue bodysuit. Fein a belly full of cookies thanks to your baby bump, and be sure to have lots of chocolate chip cookies on hand. There are many ways to get your family into this theme, too, with other Sesame Street characters like Big Bird or Elmo, or just have your partner dress as a giant cookie.

Team Pride 

Photo Credit: Diariodepapá, CC BY-SA 4.0

6.      Show Your Team Pride

Grab your favorite team’s jersey and get ready to turn it into your Halloween costume. Tie the front of the shirt, so it falls above your belly. Then use nontoxic body paint to decorate your bump as a baseball, basketball, or football, or wear a screen-printed maternity tee underneath. You’re sure to get lots of cheers in this no-fuss costume.

7.      Kangaroo with Joey

One of the best-known mamas in the animal kingdom are kangaroos; they’re always carrying around little Joeys in their pockets. Make motherhood look this easy in a super comfortable adult onesie complete with your own Joey. Add some face paint on your nose and cheeks for an effortless Halloween costume.

8.      Mother Earth

Tap into nature with this Mother Earth costume perfect for pregnant mamas. Wear a white, flowy boho shirt and skirt. Then paint your best earth globe onto your baby bump. Style your hair with beachy waves and throw a floral crown around your head. It doesn’t get much easier than this.


Photo Credit: Pinterest

9.      Avocado Toast

Make like a true millennial and wear this infamous breakfast as a Halloween couples costume. Check online for a maternity avocado costume for you and a toast costume for your partner. Prefer to go the DIY route? Wear a brown dress and cut cardboard into the shape of an avocado. Paint it and leave a hole in the center for the pit where you’ll stick your baby bump. Then cut another piece of cardboard into the shape of toast and paint it. Punch holes and add ribbon so you can wear it around your neck.

10. Mrs. Potato Head

Dress as the classic, beloved toy this Halloween and turn that frown upside down with the interchangeable eyes, mouth, and hands. Get your partner into it too, with a matching Potato Head costume for a super simple option you can purchase in-store or online.

11. Botticelli’s Venus Painting

Are you an art history buff? Time for a cultured look (pun intended) with a recreation of Botticelli’s Venus, featuring an oyster shell and pearl. Wear a light blue outfit, then grab two inflatable shells and secure them around your waist or DIY them using paper mache or foam. Paint your belly with nontoxic pearlescent paint and turn your baby belly into the perfect little pearl.

Witch Costume

Photo Credit: Lightfield Studios

12. Witch Holding a Jack-o-Lantern

Stick to the originals with Halloween classics that never get old. Put on a black witch’s hat, a long black skirt, and a Jack-o-Lantern maternity shirt. Then grab a straw broom, and you’re all ready for the spooky season in no time.

13. Winnie the Pooh

If you’re looking for a Halloween costume you can pull right out of your closet, this is it. Everyone’s favorite childhood bear makes for an adorable look with a red shirt and yellow skirt. Clip on a headband with yellow bear ears and grab a pot of honey to complete the look. Ask your partner to wear a yellow polo and blue shorts to turn them into Christopher Robin.

14. Disco Ball

Practice your Saturday Night Fever because we’re turning your baby bump into a disco ball ready to party. Get comfy in a gray dress or jumpsuit, then wrap a waistband of sparkling silver fabric around your bump. Add a tinsel wig or a disco ball headband, and you’re all set. Want to make it a couples costume? Have your partner dress in their best 70s attire and be ready to boogie all night.

Fish Bowl

Photo Credit: Bollepret, Pixabay

15. Fish Bowl

Feel like your bump is on display lately? You’re not wrong; let’s embrace it with a Halloween costume made for observing eyes. Slip on a white dress or bodysuit, then jazz it up with some colorful fish, coral, and water on top of your belly using hot glue, body paint, or print on iron t-shirt paper to achieve this look.

16. Homer Simpson & Donut

Channel this long-running animated series with a couples costume that is hard to beat. Have your partner don their best Homer Simpson costume, Duff beer can in hand. Then pick up a donut costume in-store, and you are ready to go. Prefer a solo look? Wear the Homer Simpson costume instead and rock your best “beer belly” with some frosted donuts nearby.

17. Fortuneteller

We see a really awesome costume in your future with this fortuneteller design. Turn your baby bump into a psychic crystal ball with nontoxic metallic body paint. Pick up gypsy costumes for you and your partner at your local Halloween costume, and this easy look is sure to be a hit.


Photo Credit: WayHOME Studio

18. Call Me Mummy

This Mummy-to-be costume is the perfect way to show off your bump. This cozy and cute look is a winner, whether you buy a mummy outfit in-store or create one using wrapped gauze and a black jumpsuit. Take it up a notch by adding some googly eyes in a gap right above your baby bump.

19. E.T. Phone Home

Film fanatics will love this iconic E.T. costume. Grab old bike handlebars and a basket to hold in front of you. Then slip on a red hoodie and a gray shirt. Using fabric paint or printable iron t-shirt paper, create the face of E.T. over your bump for a Halloween costume that’s out of this world.

20. James & the Giant Peach

Get down with a literary couples costume inspired by Roald Dahl’s popular children’s book. Pick up a peach costume in-store or DIY it with an orange leotard and felt. Then add some felt earthworms, a grasshopper, and a ladybug on top of the peach. Have your partner dress in a striped shirt and black shorts like James.

21. Pregnant Wanda from Wandavision

If you’re a fan of Disney+ ‘s Wandavision, you’ll love this costume and also probably wish you could breeze through pregnancy as fast as Wanda did in the show. Pick up a costume replica of her striped 70s maternity dress and pair it with brown boots and a long-haired straight red wig. Get your partner into it with a Vision costume complete with red face paint and a yellow infinity stone.


Photo Credit: @Emily.Nicole.Smith, Instagram

22. “Mamalorian” & Baby Yoda

Can’t wait until the Mandalorian is back? Dress the part as the “Mamalorian” instead this Halloween. Buy a store-bought Mandalorian costume, then break the waist apart. Paint Baby Yoda on your belly or use felt to create his pram and stick a plush Baby Yoda toy to your baby bump. Prefer to be Baby Yoda instead? Buy the cozy Halloween bodysuit online, then stick a green felt egg on top of your baby bump and hold a painted green egg too as a reminder of his favorite snack.

23. Cotton Candy

Need an excuse to grab a handful of cotton candy? We’ve got it right here. Dress as this fluffy, sugary confection this Halloween. This DIY costume can be made by spraying polyester fill light blue or pink and hot gluing it to a dress. Then, hot glue the colored fill to a headband and roll white cardstock into a cone to affix atop. Don’t forget to grab some of the real treat to finish off this look.

24. Construction Worker & Bump Ahead

Grab your hard hat and get to work on your Halloween costume as part of a construction crew. You and your partner can don neon orange vests, boots, and jeans for this easy Halloween costume. Don’t forget to hold up a yellow road sign warning of the “bump ahead.”

Cat with ball of yarn

Photo Credit: Freda Varley, Instagram

25. Cat with a Ball of Yarn

Obsessed with your cats or just internet cats? We feel you. Hone that energy into a maternity cat costume that is too cute to pass up. Take an old black t-shirt and colorful yarn. Sew the thread into the shape of a ball on the shirt above your baby bump. Don’t worry about any loose string; it’ll add to the effect. Then match this with a pair of black leggings, cat ears, and a tail. Talk about purr-fect!

26. Captain America

Mama, we know you’re a Superhero; now it’s time to show the world. Wear your red, white, and blue with a Captain America costume. Purchase online or in-store, then open the waist to reveal your baby bump. Grab some body paint and create a work of art inspired by Captain America’s shield.

27. Oops, I Did it Again

Now that Britney is free, it’s time to celebrate! What better way to pay homage to the pop star than with a flashback costume?! Grab her iconic red jumpsuit in-store and flaunt your baby bump in a can’t-miss look. This costume is best for veteran moms with another baby on the way to give a whole new meaning to “Oops, I Did it Again.”

Marshmallow Man

Photo Credit: The Conmunity, CC BY 2.0

28. Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters

Feeling that 80s nostalgia? Dress up your bump with a Stay Puft from Ghostbusters costume and get ready to wreak havoc this Halloween. Battle it out with your partner when they pick their favorite Ghostbuster costume to match your look.

29. Pineapple

If you love Pina Coladas, this costume is for you. It’s super cute and a great reminder of summery drinks and vacations ahead. Perfect for a last-minute costume, simply order your fruity get-up complete with a leafy green hat. Make it like an emoji and add some sunglasses to your look.

30. UFO Sighting

Warning: Martian sighting ahead with this next Halloween costume idea. Wear your best alien costume and put an extra spin on it. Dress up your bump as a flying saucer using body paint or a screen-printed maternity shirt. It is a costume you’ll remember as you get ready to welcome your little one to Earth.

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