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Boy or Girl?! Popular Gender Reveal Trends of 2019

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Gender reveal parties are almost as popular as baby showers these days! Finding unique ways to share the news of your new baby’s gender is exciting for both the parents-to-be and the family and friends attending. From small announcements to big shows, gender reveal trends of 2019 offer a little something for all new moms.

Check out these popular, unique, and fun ways to share the news of your new baby boy or girl with the people in your life!

Let them eat cake!

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of celebrating your baby’s gender is through a cake reveal. Whether you have the cake dyed a specific color, the frosting boasting blue or pink, or specific candy that bursts out when cut open, cake reveals can be a unique way to celebrate. Plus, you save money and feed your guests while celebrating—it doesn’t get much simpler than that!

What’s in the box?

Another common reveal that is easy and quick to accomplish is a gender reveal box. All you need is a large box and pink or blue balloons (or maybe both if you have twins!). When you and your partner open the box, the balloons fly out revealing the baby’s gender.

Get even more creative by decorating the box in pink and blue or whichever colors you have chosen for your reveal!

Time for a photoshoot!

Instead of being the one surprised, surprise your family by getting a professional gender reveal photoshoot done. These creative and fun pictures will not only be an adorable announcement but make a great memory to hang on your wall at home or include in your little one’s baby album.

Once the photo shoot is completed you can choose to mail out cards, post on social media, reveal at an intimate gathering, email, etc. The sky is the limit once you have your photos in hand.

Here are some great photo ideas for your maternity reveal shoot!

There are many unique ways to showcase your baby’s gender, but here are some great ideas to get your creativity flowing! Feel free to use one of these in your photoshoot or use the ideas to spark your own twist on the session:

  • Pose with a pink or blue onesie
  • Hold tiny baby shoes that reveal boy or girl
  • Paint your baby bump pink or blue
  • Throw confetti to announce the gender
  • Blow either a pink or blue bubble with bubblegum
  • Hold a gender reveal sign & circle the correct gender. Some popular sayings include: “He or She?”, “Staches or Lashes?”, “Touchdowns or Tutus”, and “Little Man or Little Miss?”

Gender Reveal Piñata

Get out the baseball bat and have a little fun with your reveal! Have a piñata filled with your choice of confetti or candy that matches the gender to be revealed. You can purchase your gender reveal piñata in a store or make your own using a box.

Include your family and friends in the fiesta by letting them take swings at the piñata too! It will be a sweet surprise when everyone finds out what the baby is!

Gender Reveal Balloon Pop!

This idea is very similar to the piñata; however, it may go a little bit quicker! Using a pin, you pop the balloon and the pink or blue confetti will fly out of the balloon. This option can be done with your friends and family around or as part of a cute photoshoot.

A balloon pop is best done with a larger balloon filled with helium so that the ‘pop’ really pushes the confetti out!

Party Poppers!

This is a fun way to showcase your baby’s gender—especially if you are announcing close to the holidays or New Year's Eve! Party poppers get all the guests involved in your surprise. The party poppers are filled with the correct color confetti. At a designated time, all guests get a party popper and pop to reveal the gender at the same time.

Although messy, it is a unique and enjoyable way to include your family and friends in your reveal!

Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal

Smoke bombs are growing in popularity when it comes to gender reveal. If you are planning an outdoor party, smoke bombs are a colorful way to announce your baby’s gender! The cool thing about smoke bombs is that they can be used in a variety of ways.

Are you announcing around Halloween? Place your smoke bomb inside a pumpkin for a spooky reveal!

Calling all sports fans!

Did you know you can buy a ball for virtually any sport and have it filled with bright blue or pink powder that will explode on impact? If your partner is a huge sports fan, this could be the reveal for you! Have someone punt a football, hit a baseball, or kick a soccer ball to expose your big gender secret!

You can take this further and create an entire gender reveal party around the theme of sports!

Scrub-a-dub-dub, Gender Reveal in the tub!

We’re just kidding—no one wants to watch you take a bath! However, that does not mean you can rule out revealing your baby by using a bath bomb. Bath bombs can be created so that when they react with the water, it can change color to reveal your baby’s gender.

Grab a plastic tub, fill it with water and throw some cute rubber ducks on top for good measure! Make a spectacle of your bath bomb reveal right in front of your guests!

Gender Reveal Balloon Drop

We truly love reveals that include all your friends and family! After all, you are throwing a party specifically to announce your little miss or mister. A balloon drop reveal is the perfect way to include everyone in one reveal.

Gender reveal balloon drops are made using a box or tarp attached to the ceiling with the concealed balloons inside. Everyone gets their own string and pulls them at the same time to reveal the truth—boy or girl! What a fun way for everyone to find out at the same time!

 Sparks fly for this reveal!

While sparklers are always fun, it might be a great idea to kick your fourth of July party up a notch by revealing your baby’s gender. Sparklers are a great way to do this for all to see! Whether you and your partner display the sparklers, or you had out a colored sparkler to each guest, sparks will fly, and hearts will soar when they find out the gender of your little one!

Insider tips on planning your perfect gender reveal party!

Choosing your method of the reveal is just one of the parts of throwing a successful party! Baby reveal trends are only getting bigger and bolder. Whichever method you choose, keep some of these party planning tips in mind to help your gender reveal go smoothly!

  • Create a theme—it can be as simple as pink and blue or something more specific such as ‘A Gender Reveal Bowl’.
  • Set your date and invite the guests—make sure you are at least 20 weeks prior to the date of the party so that the ultrasound will be able to reveal the gender.
  • Plan the BIG reveal. This may include getting an envelope with the gender from your ultrasound tech or involving a trusted friend/family member to keep your secret.
  • Document your day. Take pictures and videos or assign someone to do it at your party so you can have memories of the day.
  • Include your guests in the anticipation. Have them participate in guessing during the party before the reveal.

Our gender reveal trends of 2019 are just the tip of the iceberg. Some couples take the showmanship of their reveal to great lengths. We’ve seen people hire airplanes to announce a reveal and others dye their hair. Whichever method, big or small, we hope you enjoy the anticipation and excitement of this moment with your friends and family.

We would love to hear about your unique reveal! Drop us a line and let us know how you chose to reveal your little miss or mister to the world!

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