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Baby Shower Alternatives Take the Cake in 2020

Posted by Antoinette Peters on

The COVID-19 Pandemic has significantly impacted the way we live and celebrate. While many people have shifted to working from home and wearing mask in public to communicating via video chats and social distancing, we are all trying to find a new normal.

These times have impacted how we celebrate with loved ones. With gatherings limiting the number of people in one area and a guideline of “maintaining six feet distance”, it makes celebrating any occasion challenging. From first birthday parties to weddings and everything in between, we have had to come up with new ways of sharing our milestone moments with the people in our lives.

With your new bundle on the way, we are sure that you are trying to figure out just how you can celebrate this tiny miracle. We have got some great ideas for you so that you do not have to forgo that baby shower that you, your husband, and baby-on-board deserve.

Try planning one of these and enjoy your baby shower alternative!

Drive-Through Baby Shower

If you have mostly local guests and live in an area with minimal traffic flow, a drive-through baby shower may be the perfect solution for your special occasion! In fact, if you already had a shower scheduled pre-COVID times, keep your date and change the venue to the street in front of your home.

Ask guests to decorate their cars or make signs and drive by at a specific time when you will be in the yard, front porch, or stoop. The possibilities of celebrating via vehicle are endless—guests can play music, honk, and celebrate from a safe distance. Leave a table or spot on the lawn for guests to drop their gifts as they drive slowly by.

How to successfully pull off a drive-through baby shower

First, consider sending out a unique invite. If you are forced to quickly change an already planned event, make use of Evite, and send invitations directly to phones and email addresses. When sending out your new invites, be sure to make it clear that this is a drive-through event so your friends and family know that the shower will be conducted in a social distancing-friendly way.

Second, consider your decorations. Make sure wherever you will be during the drive-through is decorated so that people know where your drive-through shower is occurring.  If you have a speaker, play some music out front and really give a vibe that a party is happening. Decorate simply with balloons, a sign, and some streamers so that you get the full effect of your shower. Do not skimp on your special day!

Third, enjoy your guests (from a safe distance)! Mark a spot six feet from the edge of your driveway and greet guests as they stop by! See their smiling faces and have a short chat before moving onto the next vehicle. This allows you to personally speak to everyone who took the time to come to see you. This moment is just as important for them as it is for you! They are so excited to celebrate you and baby and shower you both with love and gifts.

Zoom Baby Shower

Ever since the stay at home order and social distancing have been in effect for many throughout the United States, Zoom has been a major player in the game of life. We use Zoom for business meetings, family chats, and hosting game nights. Zoom makes it possible for us to have visual face-to-face contact without being super close to one another. It has been one of the major gateways to communication as we navigate this pandemic lifestyle.

So, why not have a Zoom baby shower? While this may not be a solution for everyone—it is certainly a viable option during this time. Family and friends from anywhere in the world can participate in your shower this way!

While the concept of virtual baby showers has been around for a long time, the necessity of them has been minimal. We will give you the best tips and tricks for planning your virtual baby shower and show you how you can pull off a fun and safe celebration.

A virtual shower won’t replace a real one.

We know it is not the celebration you wanted or hoped for but try and make the best of the weird situation the world is in right now. Just a few months ago no one even dreamed the globe was going to go as virtual as it has, but here we are.

Acknowledge that it could be awkward and that is okay. Let’s be honest, sometimes it is a bit awkward opening your pile of gifts in front of a crowd of people anyway. Relax, breathe, and know that you are making the best of a bad situation.

You will need some tech to pull this off

We are in the digital era, so there are many options for both websites and apps where you can throw your virtual baby shower.

First, plan your party using social media, such as a Facebook event, or utilizing a virtual invitation website, such as Evite. 

Next, consider your options for a free video chat or live stream service. While you can go live on Facebook and Instagram, it may not be the same as video chat interaction. If you and your guests have access to an internet connection and a device with a webcam, you are golden. Consider services such as Zoom, Skype, or Facetime to pull off your virtual baby shower.

You can still customize your virtual shower!

Not all baby showers have themes, but if you were set on having a theme for your celebration, you can still do that. One of the best parts of planning a shower is choosing a fun and adorable theme. You can showcase your theme in simple ways, such as

  • Digital event header/banner on your Facebook event
  • Custom zoom background
  • Games (if you choose to do these)
  • Thank you cards

Keep your virtual theme simple! The easier it is to find materials that fit your theme, the quicker planning will go. And if you aren’t extremely tech savvy, find a friend who can help you out!

Hosting your virtual baby shower

This is not your typical baby shower, so some of the formalities may not be followed the way they would have been for an in-person shower. You may find yourself hosting your own shower during these times, and that makes sense.

If your mother, friend, or other relative was hoping to play a part in hosting, it is still doable. Coordinate how you want things to go and what your expectations are via text, email, or social media. Another person can most certainly plan out this day for you if you prefer.

Time to decorate!

Have you figured out where you are setting up your device for your virtual shindig? Figure that out and then get to work on your backdrop! Just because it is a virtual shower, does not mean you have to forgo the decorations.

Anything that can be camera ready is game—think wall hangings, banners, and balloons. If you have a friend or relative that wants to help with this part just have them pre-create decorations and drop them off in a box at your door!

Doing nothing at all may be your baby shower alternative

While everyone loves a good celebration, COVID-19 has created stressful times, especially for expecting mothers. Worrying about doctor appointments where spouses cannot be there, having to wear a mask everywhere you go, and whether your labor and delivery plan will go the way you want can be enough.

We are adjusting to a different lifestyle and we have had to do so in a short amount of time. If you feel that it is best to cancel or not even plan your shower at this point, that is your decision. Baby showers, while fun to celebrate, are not necessary. Your family and friends who love you will shower you and baby with attention and gifts regardless.

If you are not sure what to do think about your reasons behind having a baby shower. While some expecting parents absolutely need the support and supplies, others are simply happy to be celebrating with their family and friends. Let your intuition and gut be your guide on whether these baby shower options are best for you.

Consider planning a welcome party instead.

While we are still navigating the changes in the world, consider holding off on exposing yourself to family, friends, and the environment now. Wait until the storm passes and plan a welcoming party when you can have a day to celebrate you becoming a mama and your sweet baby all at once. Welcoming parties are still a great way to connect with your loved ones and give everyone a chance to adjust to the new normal.

Let us know what you think!

At The Belly Boxes, we are always curious as to how our mamas are handling life in a COVID-19 world. How did you approach your baby shower? Are you planning to wait after baby is here to share your miracle with others?

If you came up with a unique way to celebrate with your family and friends, let us know!

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